The better the knowledge of your company, your targets and your challenges, the better the value we can create as a search partner to you!
We strive towards a balanced pricing model, which enables you to use us more often and for a broader range of services – recruitment, onboarding and retention. We want to be a strategic partner and are consciously moving away from the traditional transactional partner structure that other search companies cling onto.
“One size fits nobody” – let’s jointly find out what size fits you best!

Surge offers a wide range of services that assist our customers in creating the best value from taking on new colleagues. Our services also support the new colleague – our candidate – performs well in his new position, by staying involved, actively supporting the onboarding and integration initiatives.

We want to be seen as a partner that adapts to the situation and assist where needed. Some companies are well experienced in taking on new colleagues, others are less experienced. In large corporations the level of maturity can even differ from one section or one manager to another. We know the typical pitfalls and will be happy to assist with knowledge or services to avoid these, to the benefit of everybody.

Our business philosophy is to price our service in a way that enables customers to use us more frequently and in a wider range of services. The position we aim for is the best of both worlds.

While the traditional search firms’ approach have been accepted in single recruitment engagements, we have learned – through market analysis and discussions with customers in our target industries – that they have frequent needs for adding new people to their businesses and desire a different approach from recruitment partners. It is this desire for a different approach, which Surge aims to satisfy.

Surge offers more tailor-made services and processes, closer cooperation and partaking in ensuring success also after signing of the employment contract, a collaborative approach to supporting both the HR and the Business side of our clients business and a pricing philosophy that aims at incentivizing broader and closer cooperation with our customers within the area of recruitment.