Going new ways

At Surge we believe in going new ways in our efforts to become partner to leading companies in our target industries.
We want to challenge the recruitment industry! We believe that the most successful companies and people in the industries we serve, requires more than just the traditional HR approach to a search process.
We live and breathe your specific industry, which gives us a competitive edge when searching for the people you need to remain a winner!

Adding value on a different scale often requires a different look at or a different approach to an industry. Surge wishes to challenge the conventional thinking of the recruitment industry – an industry which has been stuck in the same conventional philosophies and business models for years, if not decades or centuries.

While the search industry incumbents cling to a rigid process and are locked into a certain way of thinking, we want to commit ourselves to development, new thinking and foreseeing the need for changes, as a means to add value to companies fighting for an ever scarcer number of key individuals and specialists in the market.

We want to be our customers’ partner in identifying, attracting, onboarding and retaining key individuals for their business, people who come with the right experience, knowledge and personal capabilities – who can bring special value to our clients businesses whether related to enhancing current performance or building the business model of tomorrow. People that surge and make a difference in our clients businesses!

The first thing we want to challenge head-on, is the transactional nature of the partnership structure in the recruitment industry. We want to give our clients an incentive to use us more frequently for a broader range of services. We therefore launch a new concept which gives an economical incentive to stronger and broader cooperation, simultaneously with an even better quality of service that comes on the back of closer ties and more frequent interaction. We are flexible and open to new ideas, with respect to the foundation of our partnership with your company – “one size fits nobody!”

We are committed to adding value to all of our most important stakeholders – you as a customer and you as a candidate, when you want to take on a new position within the industries we specialize in.

We hold your hand throughout the critical steps of creating value from hiring new, key people or starting at a new company. We help you to surge!