Industry specialization

Surge is an industry specialized headhunting company. We understand your business – that’s our competitive edge and our unique value proposition.
Finance, Energy, Transportation & Logistics, Telecom & IT.
Complex industries demand specialist knowledge

Companies that operate in the four industries that we specialize in, generally have very complex business models and systems in comparison to other industries.

These industries are increasingly subject to external regulation, which create a need for foresight, action and constant change. People who are successful in these industries are therefore a special breed. They possess more than just a special DNA – and it takes more than just the human resource approach, to identify who fits best into the companies operating in these four industries.

Surge gets that! We can therefore provide unique value as a partner assisting you in identifying, attracting, onboarding and retaining these special, highly skilled and competent individuals that you need to stay a winner in your industry.

To do well in the industries we specialize in – and to add value to these industries’ transforming business models – you need to understand how to surge and add value in industries and a business environment characterised by:

  • Strong dependence on large scale, business critical IT back bone infrastructure – often a combination of legacy systems or older systems
  • which must process an enormous amount of transactions in order to generate an output data, which is key to handling complex, cross functional processes in the company
  • as a means to deliver the company’s core services to its clients or their end users
  • while having to cope and comply in an increasingly more complex industry ecosystem that is subjected to increasing degrees of external regulation
  • and add value to the process of digitalisation and to the creation of the business models and infrastructures of tomorrow!

These characteristics are common to the four industries we service and that commonality is the reason for our industry delimitation. It makes these four industries special and gives rise to special requirements with respect to the people who succeed and stands out in these industries!

The new colleagues we can be partner in attracting, onboarding, integrating and retaining in your company, are hence people with deep industry and business understanding, great subject matter expertise and excellent personal traits and capabilities, who will be valuable assets and key contributors going forward.

Identifying people who has what it takes to surge in your company – that’s where we stand out!